About us

Vision of the organization

Our vision is to become Globe’s Best community to provide loving holistic experience, where youth can find all solutions  they need. 


  • The mission is create the strongest community of the globe where youth can achieve holistic experience which is necessary for the growth of an individual.
  • The community where youth can get education where they can enchance their ownself and can get entertained throughout in the process forming the best overall experience.
Nature of Business

Service Sector

Industry People

Global Youth Community

Work Flow Model

Founder & CEO : Mr. Ansh Sehdev
COO : Arika Dubey



  1.  The Ideation
  2.  The Pre Requisites
  3.  The Planning
  4.  The Execution

The Ideation Phase

INGLU was initiated with a very basic idea to solve one of the issue that youth face i.e. the problem of getting internships.

The Pre Requisites

The Major Challenge for any startups  is satisfying the Pre-Requisities required to start the organisation and the best part in INGLU proved to be the proper planning.

The Planning Phase

The most crucial stage of any startup which took the most time to curate the best possible plan foe upcoming months to get the maximun output in the early phase.

The Execution Phase

The execution phase is the final stage to optimise the outcome for the organisation and the most essence in the easy execution for the organisation was the planning and efficient team with working under organisation.

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